Medication Management

Managing multiple medications is simple with PillTime. No longer do you need to wait in line at your surgery or pharmacy to get your prescription. PillTime takes the hassle out of managing your prescription.
Do you order my medication?
When you first sign up, we ask that you order your full prescription from your GP surgery. They will then send this to us for us to organise into your personalised PillTime pouches. From then on, we will order all your regular items, if your surgery is happy for us to do so.

Please make sure you continue to order any additional items, such as inhalers, creams, liquids or any medicine you take ‘as and when required’. We can still send these alongside your PillTime pouches. Ordering these items yourself prevents medicine waste and preserves valuable NHS resources.
Do you provide controlled drugs?
Yes, we can provide Controlled Drugs. Changes to Controlled Drugs legislation in February 2019 means that Controlled Drugs can be sent via the Electronic Prescription Service, so there’s no need to post a paper prescription to us.

Controlled Drugs require signed delivery, so if you have any Controlled Drugs please get in touch to confirm your delivery preferences.
Can you deliver my insulin?
Yes, we send insulin in refrigerated packaging on 24 hour tracked delivery, which keeps your medication at the required temperature in transit.
Does my whole prescription come at the same time?
PillTime aims to deliver all of your repeat medication every 28 days.

When you initially sign up to use PillTime, we ask you to order your full repeat prescription, which allows us to synchronise all your medication, so that we can send it in one delivery every month. This approach means there is less waste, less hassle for you and is better for the environment.
What is a nomination?
Every patient on the NHS system has a nominated pharmacy. This is the pharmacy you choose to provide your medication. When you sign up to PillTime, we become your nominated NHS pharmacy
What does SCR stand for?
SCR stands for Summary Care Record. This is a record of your medication requirements. As part of our general practice, we refer to your Summary Care Record as part of our duty of care. This ensures our records are up to date and your account details are accurate. When you sign up, we will ask for your consent to access your Summary Care Record.
Can I use PillTime if I have 7-day prescriptions?
We are unable to send medications to you on a weekly basis. This is because it can take more than seven days to receive a prescription, then prepare and deliver PillTime pouches. If you receive regular weekly prescriptions, you can ask your GP to change your prescriptions to be monthly. If this is not possible, a ‘regular’ community pharmacy is more suitable for your needs.
What happens if my prescription is received late?
If we don’t receive your prescription at least 10 days before your next medication start date, we will contact you and ask that you contact your surgery.

Should your prescription arrive with us within 10 days of your next medication start date, we will send the items to you in original packaging.
Do you always use the same brands?
We understand how confusing it can be if your tablets look different every month, and we aim to provide brand consistency at all times. However, occasionally it might be necessary to use an alternative brand due to manufacturer supply issues.
What happens if I am going away or on holiday?
If you expect to run out of your medication while you are away, you will need to order your prescription early. Let your surgery know why you are ordering ahead of time and then let us know to expect your prescription early, giving us plenty of time to get the items to you.
What about expiry dates?
Medication that we provide to you in its original packaging will have an expiry date stated on the container, and you are of course able to use this medication up until this date.

Our robust pouch assembly processes ensure that all medications put into pouches are also within their expiry date. Once the medication has been put into a pouch, depending on the type of medication the expiry date will be reduced to 3 to 6 months. Our pharmacists ensure that your medications remain 'in-date' for the duration of the pouches by researching medication stability data.

Each individual pouch has the date and time of day that you should take this medication, and you can rest assured that if you take your medication according to these dates that your medication will always be 'in-date'.
What about Patient Information Leaflets?
As an online pharmacy, at PillTime we are keen to do our bit for the planet by using less paper. As such, you are able to access Patient Information Leaflets for your pouched medication online rather than receive paper copies with your delivery every month.

Finding your Patient Information Leaflet online is easy. You simply search for your medication in the search bar at the following website:

If you are unable to find your Patient Information Leaflet online or would prefer to receive a paper copy, please contact us at: we will be more than happy to help.
What happens if I pay for my prescriptions?
Once we have your prescription, you will receive an email inviting you to pay online using a link. Once payment is received, we will prepare and dispatch your PillTime package.

Do you accept emergency prescriptions ?
Should you be issued with a prescription outside of your regular repeat medication, let us know, and we will send it to you in original packaging to start straight away.
Does my medication have to be pouched?
No. If you prefer to receive your medication in the original packaging, let us know, and we will arrange this for you.