The Pouches

The PillTime pouch is a work of innovation. Forget tricky blister packs or dosette boxes. We tailor our PillTime pouches to suit your medication needs. We clearly label the Pouches with your full dose information, including the time and date and a description of each pill inside.
How many pills go into one pouch?
Each PillTime pouch fits between 5-7 pills. If you have more items than this in one dose, we will simply dispense two pouches per dose for you.
How do you open the pouches?
PillTime pouches are easy to open: simply tear from either side, much like ripping a piece of paper but helped by lots of small perforated cuts along the edges.
How do the pouches differ from dosette boxes?
Dosette boxes often contain rigid dosing options and limited labelling. We make PillTime pouches to suit your prescription specifications.
PillTime pouches detail your full dose information: including the date and time you need to take it, as well as a pill description of everything inside. Doing this makes it much simpler to see what you need to take and when. Plus, the pouches come ready organised, so there’s no need to spend time sorting your doses yourself.

The added benefit of using PillTime pouches over dosette boxes is that robots fill each pouch, which we put through an optical checking machine that takes and stores a photograph of each pouch. By doing this, we can double-check the content of the pouch against the medication list, to make sure it is accurate.. Our fully qualified staff will then perform any further final checks.
Can everything on my prescription go into the pouches?
We can dispense most of your tablet medication into pouches. Please note that we will always follow your doctor’s prescription instructions and we will not pouch medication if it could be unsafe to do so. We will not pouch the following:

- Most dispersible tablets or medication with a desiccant in the bottle that may soak up moisture.
- Schedule 2 Control Drugs.
- Schedule 3 and 4 Control Drugs IF they are subject to safe storage requirements.
- Medication that is only taken ‘when required’ or does not have a consistent dosing regime.

We cannot pouch alternate (or non-daily) dosing medication and these will be provided in original packs.

Any unpouched items can still be sent alongside the rest of your items in your free monthly PillTime delivery.
Can I recycle my PillTime pouches?
PillTime pouches are biodegradable over time, and we are working with the robot manufacturer, BD Rowa, to improve this further. Due to the sensitive nature of the information detailed on the pouch, and data security reasons, we do not recommend they are recycled.
Will I receive a PillTime dispensing box each time?
We respect our patients' efforts to reduce plastic waste, and due to their feedback, we implemented a 'Naked Packaging' initiative which encourages everyone to reuse their cardboard PillTime box.

All first time deliveries will include a blue PillTime dispensing box, free of charge. From then on you will need to request a new PillTime box when required, and we will send it to you with the next delivery.

Check out our blog in the News section of the website, for more information.