The Benefits

Having all the medication you need to administer in one clearly labelled, dose -specific pouch allows you to spend less time sorting medication and more time providing vital care and support to your customers.

Our clearly labelled pouches are pre-sorted with all the medication you need for each resident in one pouch. This reduces the likelihood of administration errors and improves efficiency when caring for a number of residents or for those with complex or chronic conditions.

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A simplified process for every care sector:

MAR charts provided with all medication.

Dosing times clearly labelled with visibility over what medication has been taken.

No confusion over when or what medication needs to be taken

No transcribing for unqualified staff

Removes the potential of missing doses or double doses

Reduction in paperwork, resulting in increased efficiencies of office staff

Care staff have more time to spend with the customer

Healthcare Sectors

Care Homes

Reduce administration errors

Improves efficiency

Increase peace of mind for patients and relatives

Domiciliary Care

Carers spend less time sorting medication

Reduce medication errors

Reduce staff turnover

Reduce Management time

GP Surgeries

Our process is seamlessly integrated with both the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) and Electronic Repeat Dispensing (ERD)

Reduce workload or GP's

Reduce waste medication

Improve patient compliance

Increase efficiency


We use robotic technology to produce pouches more quickly and safely than traditional trays

An independent assessment at Salford NHS found PillTime services saved on average 87 minutes per nurse per day.

Improved adherence allowing for speedier discharge of patients.

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