How it Works



1. Simply complete our online form.

2. We will send you a confirmation welcome email.


Obtaining your Prescription

1. By signing up with us we will contact the NHS to become your nominated Pharmacy.

2. To work best with GP Surgeries we ask all new patients to contact their GP Surgery to request their next prescription.

3. If your surgery allows pharmacy orders, PillTime will request your ongoing prescription.



Once we receive your prescriptions we will aim to consolidate them into one order.


1. This is where the magic happens. The majority of your medication will be pouched using our state of the art robots.

2. The robot sorts your medication into dose specific pouches based on how they're prescribed.

3. The pouches are then dispensed in a roll in the order that you need to take them.

4. Our robots are controlled by our team of qualified pharmacists and skilled staff.

5. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the medication produced by our robots.

Double Check

1. The rolls of pouches are run through an Optical Check Machine that takes a picture of every single pouch and double checks for accuracy.

2. Our team of Pharmacists and skilled staff oversee the checking process.


Completing your order

If you have any non-pouchable items such as creams, liquids, inhalers, controlled drugs of fridge lines these will be added in alongside your pouches.



Your medication will be sent free of charge in discreet packaging to you door.